Who is this person anyway?

My name is James.  I’ve been a Linux user for a number of years now but have recently started getting deeper into Linux as I work towards becoming a system admin.  I recently got my LPI Linux Essentials certification and I’m studying to take my LPIC-1 test now.

Along with books, online resources, and YouTube videos a great resource for me has been Linux Academy.  They do a very good job of covering the subject matter and letting you proceed at your own pace.    They also offer you the ability to have 6 different virtual servers that you can start up to use for testing/playing.   I think they have about 15 different distros you can select from as well.

linuxacademy.com linux distribution distro selection
LinuxAcademy.com distro choice

I also use VirtualBox on my local system and have a few different versions of Linux setup here to test with.  This is a great tool to let you quickly play around in different systems so you can get a feel for Debian or RPM systems.

My Background

My background consists of many years working in the networking field.  A lot of what I did was with Telco connectivity through IBM’s old SNA networking, Frame Relay, and ATM systems.   Later I moved into the web hosting field and got my feet wet with working in Linux/Unix command line on a daily basis.

I started LinuxLog originally as nothing more than a domain name to test with.  Later I decided to use it to host my own site.  The experience of setting up my own database and web server on a virtual server would be good.   The act of creating my own articles would also be a good way to further understand what I’m learning.  I also hope it will be something that can be useful to someone else.

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.”
– Charles Dickens